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The jewelry of Vittorio Acanfora: a story of passion and love

The story and the evolution of the greatest Italian jewelry stores almost always coincide with the story of great families. And that what makes great families is almost always a genetic passion, a loyalty to one’s job.

Vittorio Acanfora spent a lifetime in the jewelry industry and in the best jewelry stores before arriving, with his own trademark and with recognized success, at this amazing and extraordinary second life that is bringing him higher and higher in the special classification of the most original and important Italian jewelry manufacturers.

Today, alongside his children Loredana, Francesca and Giuseppe, the “factory” felt the effects of an innovative impulse, thanks to the prolific contribution of new energy and, above all, new ideas.

Acanfora Jewelry” is an ideal mix of passion, ideas and innovations, in respect of a school and a culture that has no equal in this world.

Extraordinary hands that produce dreams

The studios are equipped with the most modern machineries needed for the production and transformation of jewels, from the prototype, that gives body and dimension to the designs, to the lasers that engrave, the vulcanizer used for rubber molds, the injectors used for waxes and ovens for fusion and baking plaster.

The production cycle, up to the cleaning and finishing of the jewelry, is therefore complete and self-sufficient. However, it is basically the “job” of the extraordinary goldsmiths hired that give Acanfora creations the charm and uniqueness of an authentic product “made by hand”.

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